I can’t let go

My boyfriend, whom I work with, broke up with me a month ago but said he still wanted to be friends, best friends, which is how we started. I didn’t kick him out because he said he wanted to be there for me. I’ve still been having sex with him. Even after I found out that he’d been lying, but not cheating on me, during our relationship. Even though I know he lies to me still. Even though he’s out there acting the player. I finally took back my key, told him to get his stuff out, but when we sleep together, he stays the night. He’s still affectionate toward me, the way he touches me, my hair, my back, hugs. He still spends time at my house and chills like when he was practically living there. He has made it clear, repeatedly, that we are not dating, that he is not my boyfriend. But it’s like he wants all those nice parts of being together and none of the commitment. He gets jealous. Very jealous when I’m out hanging with other guys in a group. When we’re out at a bar together in a group, we both get drunk, and emotional, and fight, and it usually ends in us having sex and his sleeping over, including cuddling in the morning. He still calls and texts me to tell me all his exciting news or when something’s wrong. When I try to pull away, he says I have attitude or I’m being a baby. I don’t know what to do. I can’t seem to let go. I am resolved, and then when I see him again, it dissolves. It was a hard year for both of us and we got each other through a lot of bad times, but his story of wanting to be around to support me just seems like an excuse for him to play me, get what he wants and not really give anything. I feel like a fool. I know he’s the idiot and throwing a good thing away, but, I just can’t cut him out of my life. I don’t know what to do.

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