Wholefoods girl

I’ve wanted to ask you out for over a year, I don’t know if you like me or just think of me as another regular customer. I know this is crazy because we only make small talk, but I swear I DREAM about you being the mother of my children.

I’m super shy and never been in a long term relationship but have had my heart kicked around before; I’m SO scared of falling in love with you then losing you. If I ever get the balls to ask you out and we start a relationship, I bet you’ll eventually leave me and break my heart, because I doubt there’s anything you could do to to make me not what to be with you.

I’ve never met any other woman that I could so easily imagine being “The One.”

I’m so fucking crazy about you!, every time I pull into the Wholefoods parking lot I tell myself, ‘If I see you, I’m going to ask you out’ but as soon as I see your face, my mind turns stupid and my body runs on autopilot.

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